We recommend drinking only bottled water. Diarrhoeas are not uncommon. Some people may consider avoiding some fresh products such as salads.

On the other hand it would be a sin to not try out Moroccan cuisine. It is true that during the event there are not always too many places or time to do so, we recommend, therefore that you take advantage of the breakfasts and dinners.

Breakfasts tend to consist of coffee, crepes with date or fig jam, Arabic bread with scrambled eggs, sometimes tarts, biscuits or sweets which vary from one region to another.

Take into account that we cover a country as large as Spain from end to end and the gastronomy is varied, don’t miss a good cous-cous, tagine or soup (harira, bissara, etc.), fish (on the coast) and all varieties of beef, chicken and especially lamb dishes (on kebabs, meatballs, in Arabic bread sandwiches, etc.).