To organize your Maroc participation budget consider two types of costs:

  • Vehicle and Participant’s Registration
  • Registration fee multiplied by the number of participants
  • Possible additional costs associated with vehicle mechanics and preparation
  • Fuel
  • Return Ferry Spain – Morocco
  • Safety systems (Stella III)
  • Insurance
  • Meals, shopping
  • Contingency box

Opcional items

  • Accommodation


When you formalize the pre-registration of your team and have made the payment, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the Maroc DropBox account from which to download the following material:

Ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Why do I want to participate in the Maroc Challenge?
  • What motivates me?
  • To what do I aspire? What are my goals?
  • What means are at my disposal and which am I lacking?
  • Who can provide me with the means I am lacking?

What are my costs and expenses of embarking on this raid??

  • Preparation of the vehicle.
  • Registration.
  • Fuel.
  • Spare parts and tools.
  • Accommodation and meals during the competition.
  • Expenses for any contingency.

What part of the budget have I got covered?

Which amount do I require from my sponsors to cover my expenses? Will I need one or more?

Make a list of potential sponsors whom you may approach.

The Maroc Challenge, does not require a very large investment, so it’s always easier to start with our closest contacts, both personal and professional, people of our town, city or region. They will be more open to listening to us than if we seek “major sponsors”. The criteria for this list can be:

  • What is their main activity? (Motorsports, cars, adventure sector, etc…)
  • Will they be interested in us approaching them? (Do we know them, are they customers or suppliers, do we have mutual acquaintances, shared interests… Are they expanding and interested in doing some advertising, etc..).
  • Is the amount we require within their financial possibilities, can they assume the cost?

Make a list of possible actions that you can take to improve the visibility of your sponsor..

  • Make radio interviews.
  • Write an article for a local magazine.
  • Logo your vehicle, your team apparel, trunk, etc…
  • Take your vehicle to the sponsor’s premises and host an event to publicize your adventure.
  • Commit yourselves to keeping your sponsor well informed during the raid.
  • The organization assumes an important role in communication during the entire event, from photographic material to DVD documentaries, which are available for sale to participating teams once the event is over. You can offer to provide them with this material.

These measures will be in your sponsor’s interest and depend solely on you.

Finally, do not forget…

Advise all sponsors, employees or associates how they may follow your accomplishments through the live tracking platform, before, during and after the Raid (if you are unsure of how the system works please contact us).

Once this first job is accomplished, you are ready to prepare your TEAM PRESENTATION DOSSIER for the MAROC CHALLENGE


When you formalize the pre-registration of your team and have made the payment, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the Maroc DropBox account from which to download the following material:


Access to diverse high quality photographic material from previous editions: action photos, landscapes and solidarity project. Copyright © Kfoto.es – All rights reserved.


Access to Maroc promotional videos that can be used for presentations, promotion or sharing on social networks.

Maroc Challenge Logo

Participants are only authorized to reproduce this logotype, to identify themselves as Maroc participants, in the following media and supports:

  • Projects for seeking partners and sponsors
  • Press Presentations
  • On the clothes of the pilots and members of the support team, registered to participate in the Maroc
  • On social networking websites of the person (s) or team registered to participate in the Maroc Challenge
  • This composite logo may never be associated, directly or indirectly, to any commercial or institutional brand.

Therefore, your collaborators or sponsors may not use the logo without reference to sponsorship of your team in the Maroc.

Route Map

Access to the route map in high quality JPEG format, to include in presentations, promotion or sharing on social networks.

Facebook Communication Resources

Access to photo banners configured in appropriate sizes for facebook to promote your participation in the Maroc.

The Maroc in the Press

Access to the most outstanding reports made in national and international printed media.

In addition to this information you will also have access to the following material:

  • Material for realization of the sponsorship project.
  • Rules & regulations from previous editions.
  • Track, waypoints and listing of a stage from a previous edition of the Maroc for test operation on the GPS.