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If you are reading this it probably means you have dreamed of participating in a great marathon event like the Dakar or the Africa Race!I have always been in love with the motor world, and the first raids of the 70s and 80s. Unprepared vehicles, pilots with limited experience, an unknown continent and very few means. That was adventure. When I considered creating the first edition of the Maroc, that was the spirit I wanted to honour. Obviously there is no comparison, the difference in preparation, costs and demands of those events and ours is immense, but I am sure that we do feel the same challenge, we do enjoy and suffer the same sensations and the same spirit of adventure accompanies us.

More than 17 editions later, our Maroc has changed a lot, as has the Dakar. But it maintains the premise of being an event open to everyone, regardless of your vehicle, preparation and experience. For those who have already participated and are thinking of going again, I encourage you to do so. The experience is always different, each edition is unique; different routes, new people, and a country that never ceases to amaze. For those for whom it is the first time, I also encourage you. As much as you are going to suffer, you are also going to enjoy. Just as there will be moments when you remember the day you read this and  regret having embarked on this journey, a few hours later you will be elated by the satisfaction of being part of this adventure. I can, infact, only guarantee that the Maroc will be a unique and thrilling experience.

Welcome to the Maroc spirit!

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