Premium Packs

  • Car rental desert Rally Morocco Premium Pack

Want to participate in the Maroc Challenge but you haven’t got a vehicle?

We have the perfect solution: The Premium Pack!

What’s included in the Premium Pack:

  • Prepared vehicle – To pick up in Jávea – Alicante – Spain
  • Vehicle registration (Adventure category only)
  • Participant registration
  • Health/repatriation insurance (all occupants)
  • Stella III safety system
  • Pick-up service from Alicante or Valencia(airport, train / bus station, etc).

NOT included:

  • Pick-up service from Alicante or Valencia – airport, train / bus station, etc. 130€
  • Ferry, accommodation and everything else not specified.

Nissan Patrol 3 Doors

Nissan Patrol 3 doors
  • Model: RD 28

  • Capacity: 2 occupants

  • Price: 3.300€

Nissan Patrol 5 Doors

Nissan Patrol 5 doors
  • Model: RD 28

  • Capacity: 3 a 4 occupants

  • Price: 3.700€

Nissan Patrol Pick-up

Nissan Patrol PickUp
  • Model: TD 27

  • Capacity: 2 occupants

  • Price: 3.500€

Vehicles equipped with:
Tablet with GPS; Spare Wheel; Puncture repair kit; Compressor; One sling and 2 shackles; Mechanical Jack; Shovel; Direct 12v battery jack to connect Stella on dashboard; Sand plates; Fire extinguisher; First aid kit; Thermal Blanket.