Good morning everybody.

Today was the day planned for the final Briefing, in just over a few hours we would have wrapped up the 18th edition of the Maroc Spring Edition 2020 in Erfoud, Morocco, and we would be starting out on our journey home, exhausted and satisfied.

Anyway… this edition will go down in the annals of the Maroc Challenge… the 18th will not be forgotten, of course, It will be the Maroc we spent at home.

Those of you who know me, know that I always strive to find the best in every situation.

These moments are hard and directly or indirectly affect us all. We may be away from our family, from friends, with uncertainty at our workplace and, in the worst cases, some of you may have suffered human losses around you. And to add to that, obviously, there is the sense of helplessness, that basically we can do nothing… except stay at home. And that, perhaps, is the hardest thing, spending so much time cooped up in a small space, in many ways like when we are in our vehicles, putting even the most consolidated relationships to the test, living moments that we will never forget, suffering adversity but also savouring the experience of overcoming setbacks … We are all fighting for a common goal each day and today, more than ever, we are all united in this fight.

At the Maroc we try to bring out the best in ourselves and our experiences are the best memories we take home, such as the camaraderie and the good vibes that prevail, which,  in the difficult times we are experiencing, are of great relevance and give us the resilience to carry on, stronger and more united.

Under normal circumstances, we would open registrations for the Winter 2020 on April 20th. but this year, it will be renamed the “Spring / Winter 2020”.

Start blocking dates: from December 4th till the 12th. However, due to the current situation and because we think that right now you must concentrate your efforts on more important things: health, family, work… We have decided to postpone the opening of registrations for a few weeks. At least until the state of alarm ends and we see we are regaining control of our normal day to day activities.

This does not mean that we are twiddling our thumbs, on the contrary, we continue working with more enthusiasm than ever to offer a unique, better and unforgettable Spring / Winter 2020, so that it remains in everyone’s memory, even more than this 18th edition…

In the coming weeks we will start to provide you with news of the Spring / Winter 2020, either by email or through our social networks.

In closing, I would like to thank all those teams that were signed up for the Spring 2020, thanks for your understanding and help in these difficult circumstances and for all the messages of support that you have sent us. Thank you!

This is not the Briefing that I would have liked to give. But I guarantee that we are already working to get back on top of the BriefingCar, with the dunes as the background and in the best company: yours… Throughout these almost ten years of excitement packed adventures that we have shared I feel that we have forged a big family.

Lots of encouragement, loads of strength and health for everyone, we will meet again very soon for a new adventure. Far from our homes!

Rui Cabaco – BriefingMan