After an intense week of reconnaissances, adding the finishing touches to the route for the Spring Edition 2020, which will be held from April 3rd to 11th, practically everything is ready for us to start revving our engines one month from now in Saïdia, for one of the most exciting editions yet of this event.

The Maroc Challenge will go from less to more, with two stages of progressive warming up, to gradually lead us into more complicated stretches, although in the desert you must keep in mind that you can never lower your guard as “traps” can appear anywhere.

The event will begin with some tracks that are veritable dirt-road highways, while in the second stage the difficulty and mileage increase, including mountain areas and rougher tracks as we get closer to Erfoud. The third stage tackles the dunes of Erg Chebbi and Ouzina, thereby increasing the difficulty even more, while the fourth, from Zagora to Zagora, is every bit as difficult as the third but quite a long route, making it the marathon stage. It will be plenty of fun for the cars as there will be new landscapes, since we have never been there before with the 4×2’s. The Adventure teams will follow a route traced around the famous Iriki Lake then continue on towards Foum Zguid before returning to Zagora.

For the fifth stage, the route that we had initially planned turned out to be too rough and difficult, we decided to follow, therefore, the same path as the previous Winter edition but in the opposite direction. There are some small changes and variations, but it is basically the same. The last stage will consist of waypoints, with departure and arrival in Erfoud. For logistical issues we decided to move the last stage to Erfoud.