One month from the start of the Spring Edition 2019, which will be held from April 12th till the 20th, it’s time to begin final preparations for us to face the event with confidence. With 120 registered teams and just a few days away from closing registrations, you are still in time to live the adventure of a lifetime, the route is fully outlined and soon you will be receiving news on the issue of transfers, hotels, etc. The guide book, as always, will be with you the last week, more or less, just in case someone decides to go on a recce…

We advise you take advantage of these remaining weeks to take care of every last detail of your vehicles. Take great care with all the preparations, as we insist that we are facing a very tough edition. Don’t forget to add tow ropes and slings to your equipment, in case you have to lend or be lent a hand, nor your shovel and sand plates as there will be a lot of sand, especially for teams in the Raid category.

This Maroc Challenge, which will start in the majestic city of Marrakech and end in Saïdia, by the Mediterranean, is one of the most interesting in the history of the race. Part of the itinerary is completely new and we are also going to use part of the route that we enjoyed so much in the last Winter Edition but, above all, we insist that we are preparing an edition with a great deal of adventure.

There will be no shortage of ingredients to make all of us who are willing to face the experience live an unforgettable week and ensure that those who cannot make it will want to sign up for the next edition. The routes have been adapted to the different categories of vehicles and each stage’s route has been specifically tailored to the characteristics of the vehicles to ensure we can all fully savour the event.

Almost there. Don’t despair