One of the main novelties of the next edition of the Maroc Challenge, which will be held from March 31 to April 8, will be the changes introduced in the last stage, which will still consist of a series of waypoints but this time will be more linear and with fewer reference points. The sixth stage will start in Erfoud and end beside Erg Chebbi.

What we have usually done is to place a cloud of waypoints for the participants to navigate through, always in order. In the Spring 2023, however, they will be placed more linearly and the number of waypoints will decrease, that is, there will be a greater distance between each provided point, which will make navigation a bit more challenging. Participants will find it more difficult to discover a suitable route, correctly validate the waypoints and complete the route within the established time. The aim is to provide greater and renewed incentives to the Maroc Challenge.