Rui Cabaco - Briefingman Maroc Challenge

A few hours have passed since the announcement of the postponement of the Spring Edition 2020 and, as you can imagine, I never thought that I might have to make a decision like this. Those of you who already know me know that I have done everything possible and then some to carry the event forward, but there are times in life when circumstances surpass us and this, undoubtedly and unfortunately, has been one of them.

The disappointment is huge. For me, for the people who are part of the organization and who have put a lot of hard work into preparing this edition and also for all of you who were geared up to live the adventure of your life. A little over two months ago we started hearing about a kind of Coronavirus now called COVID-19 and it was unthinkable then to foresee or even think that it was going to affect our lives in such a big way. Reality has exceeded all expectations.

The Maroc Challenge for many of you is an unforgettable experience and those of you who have been in the past and those who will join us in the future must know that here at the organization we are continuously striving to improve the Maroc. For this edition we had made a considerable effort in logistical matters, which often go unnoticed but improve the overall functioning of the event both in terms of personal experience and assistance to participants. I feel particularly sad that all these efforts are now in vain, but I assure you that this spirit of improvement is what motivates me the most to improve edition after edition.

Now, just like you, I will have to contend with a great sense of disappointment. Events have forced us to postpone a Spring edition in which we had put all our enthusiasm, but the circumstances have overcome us all and there was no other option following the advice and recommendations of the authorities.

I am sure you know that we have tried up till the last moment, hoping for a positive outcome to the crisis, but it wasn’t to be. In order not to create false expectations and great disappointments, three weeks before the start of the Spring edition we have decided – I insist, after many deliberations and weighing all the pros and cons – to postpone the event until December.

I know it will be a very big disappointment for you, as it has been for me, but given the exceptional circumstances we are experiencing it was the best we could do. Now we have set ourselves the challenge of meeting again in December, from the 4th till the 12th, an edition that we will do our best to make even better than any other we have staged.

Rui Cabaco – BriefingMan