The Spring 2022 moves to Tunisia. Difficulties surrounding travel to Morocco, a country whose borders still remain closed to maritime traffic with Europe  and with no scheduled date for reopening, have led us to launch the first edition of the Tunisie Challenge, which will be held from April 8 to 17.

This decision has been taken following the surveys we carried out in recent weeks and after reaching an agreement with the local authorities. Our aim is to arrange an edition that has been denied to us since Winter 2019.

We are working hard to ensure that whoever joins us lives a very special, unique and absolutely unforgettable adventure in a country that will pleasantly surprise you. The sand and dunes will be the main protagonists.

We will give you more details soon, but teams already registered to participate in the October Tunisie Challenge but prefer to change to this Spring, may take part in this first edition, you only have to notify us of the change. Those of you who already have everything ready for the October edition and prefer to stick to those dates do not have to worry because this year we will hold two editions in Tunisia.