The Covid 19 pandemic seems to be making a reappearance in recent weeks and, after striving to get the Winter 2021 back on track, we have been forced to postpone this edition barely a week from the start.

We have done our best to make this edition happen. After a two-year break we were eager to get back on the road and enjoy the adventure, the inhospitable landscapes and driving over the Moroccan tracks and dunes. We have encountered many problems  along the way, making important decisions to adapt to the ever changing situation, but we believe that the goal was well worth it.

We had to design a new route in record time with two consecutive reconnaissance in recent weeks, make new reservations, renegotiate with the shipping companies to get a competitive price for the Sète-Nador-Sète crossing and put together a viable program. We have done everything in our power to make this Winter 2021 a reality, but it was ultimately impossible due to Morocco’s suspension of maritime links with France.

We no longer have any viable options left and, deeply regretting the situation, we find ourselves forced to postpone The Winter 2021. It is undoubtedly a hard blow for all, but it will make us return in 2022 with more energy and enthusiasm to resume the adventure that this pandemic has once again put on hold.