Maroc Challenge

The Maroc Challenge, a benchmark event among adventure fans in Morocco, hasn’t stopped evolving since its origins. Over the years, we have had to adapt many aspects to meet the requirements of the event itself and also the participant’s demands.

For the next Spring / Winter 2020, which will be held from December 4 to 12, we have decided to increase the level of difficulty for categories C3 (4×4 cars up to 1,300cc) and category C4 (4×4 cars above 1,300cc).

The main changes that participants in this category will notice are an increase of sandy areas, riverbeds, strings of dunes and even small parts  of the main Erg marked on the itinerary. For this we are going to add sections of the TT1, TT2 and TT3 Adventure and Raid categories in proportion to the capabilities and performance of the different vehicles in these categories and those that are classed in C3 and C4 categories.

In this regard, it must be noted that the Fiat Panda 4×4 is the most common car in the C3 category, while in the C4 category there is a much wider and more varied choice of vehicles, among others, the Audi 4, Audi AllRoad, Audi 80, Subaru Legacy, etc.

Maroc Challenge

Rui Cabaço, the Maroc Challenge Briefingman, states that the reason for the increased difficulty in categories C3 and C4 is that: “normally when I think of an ideal route for an edition and its stages, I base myself on the experience I have accumulated over the years and, especially, from the latest editions. I have driven many types of vehicle in Morocco, from quads, to buggies, 4×2 cars to SUVs, but I have never explored the capabilities of a 4×4 car, something that limited my vision on this category and that has led me to delay this change. A change that was urgent and that we will implement before I have the opportunity to carry out trials with a 4×4 car, a pending task that I hope to experience in the near future”.

This will be the most important change in routes by category for the upcoming Spring / Winter 2020, although we are studying others to maintain our goal of making it an event for everyone in which participants can take full advantage of their vehicles on routes adapted to their abilities.