Our aim, with this reconnaissance, is to discover new routes to improve the stages as much as possible.

One month on from the Winter 2022, having not quite fully digested the Christmas excesses, we are already off to Morocco on the recons to wrap up the itinerary and design the Maroc Challenge Spring Edition 2023 course on the ground.

The event, which will take place from March 31 to April 8, will start in Saïdia, on the Mediterranean coast, and will end after six intense days in Merzouga. It will have a groundbreaking start, with a 5-kilometre route along Ras el Ma beach. We are working hard to ensure that the itinerary includes many new areas while maintaining a high level of sand and dunes and, as always, the difficulty will be adapted to the different categories.

The objective we have set ourselves for these days of reconnaissance is to discover new routes to enhance the stages as much as possible. Another of our aims is to continue increasing the difficulty for four-wheel drive cars (C3 and C4), incorporating more sandy areas in the itinerary.

Another novelty in the first stage will be crossing the entire Rekkam Plateau to eventually end up at the camp. The first stage, between Saïdia and Matarca will be completely new and the second stage mostly new, while the following stages will alternate between some of our more traditional tracks and others we have never used before.