That’s right friends, our BriefingMan is looking for a co-pilot for the next Spring Edition 2023.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that the rest of the organisation members don’t want to do it, in fact, just the opposite…, it is a highly sought after position… However, to avoid favouritism among us… we decided to offer you that honour!

The BriefingMan is a very nice guy, he speaks several languages and it goes without saying that he has vast experience off-roading across Morocco and ignore the rumours, he hasn’t got lost that many times either and, anyway, that was some time ago…

Spending a whole week with him can be a wonderful experience. The BriefingCar is another luxury you can enjoy! A Mercedes CLK V8 with 300hp rear-wheel drive. Music to the ears… (especially from the passenger seat…) It will be like  a heavenly hum for a whole week and 2000km to enjoy it…

You may be wondering if a Mercedes CLK is the most suitable vehicle for sand, fes fes, dunes… Don’t worry, these are not unreasonable doubts, in fact we all have them, even the BriefingMan himself, he hasn’t yet got the hang of the vehicle, but don’t worry, there is plenty of time…!

Moreover, the BriefingMan is a calm, responsible and prudent man, whenever possible. You will be in good hands.

There are many legends about him, but almost all of them are false. Yes, there is one that we must confirm: the BriefingMan has no physiological needs, he does not drink, he does not eat, he does not sleep… So for the sake of your survival, a small piece of advice: stock up on food from the hotel buffets (if they are open before you set out with him, or there is still something left when you arrive at all hours), take full advantage of any situation to ingest or evacuate liquids or solids, and once you put your trust in him, even a little nap on the track is recommended, because you won’t be spending too much time in the hotel room…

You may be wondering what is expected of the BriefingMan’s co-pilot, again, relax. If you manage to keep him from losing the BriefingCar keys, paperwork, his wallet and sleeping bag…, you will earn the respect of the entire Organisation, and if you also manage to keep hydrated and fed throughout the week: Olé… (The navigation thing is secondary…, he mainly manages by himself).

It will not really be a very heavy task, on the contrary, you will see how entertaining the days can be, even if they start at five and end at three!

A week of the Maroc with the BriefingMan will give you more anecdotes than a year of military service!

So it’s a no-brainer… to participate, you just have to like the Maroc Challenge page, make a comment on this Facebook post and tag a friend. The more comments, the more chances.

To participate:

The more comments (comment + tagged friend), the more chances!

The prize includes:

  • Being co-pilot with the BriefingMan of the Maroc Challenge (Rui Cabaço) In a Mercedes CLK 4×2 drive with OffRoad preparation. (In the event of a breakdown of the Mercedes CLK, it will be replaced by another similar off-road vehicle, 4×2 or 4×4)
  • Outbound ferry (March 31, 2023) and return (April 8, 2023) with accommodation in  double cabin, for (1) person from the port of Almería to the Port of Nador and return. The transfer to the port of Almería is not included.
  • Nine nights accommodation in a double room, of which: 7 in hotels on a half-board basis (breakfast and dinner) and 2 nights in a cabin (round-trip ferry, Almería – Nador – Almería).
  • Participant Pack, with welcome gifts from the Maroc Challenge.
  • Health insurance and  repatriation.
  • Photo pack of the event in digital format.
  • Trophy and Medal of participation in the Maroc Challenge Spring 2023.
  • The prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for money or another product.

The prize does NOT include:

  • It does NOT include everything that is not specified in the section “prize includes

Legal Conditions:

The draw will take place on March 1st. May the luck be with you!!