Remodelling the routes following the Maroc Challenge Spring recons is the most notable novelty of the 2023 Edition. It will be held from March 31 to April 8. The event will start off in Saïdia and after six trying days we will wrap it up close to Erg Chebbi.

Some places like Erfoud, Merzouga and Zagora, make up the key axis on which the event hinges, with the aim of finding the most deserted tracks and those that can provide us with higher levels of adventure. For this edition, the routes have been redesigned, renewing most of the stages, some following  completely new tracks and others passing through rarely frequented areas to provide more diversity and differentiate them as much as possible from past editions.

We have attempted, while maintaining safety standards, to find faster tracks and better conditions, which will not be so taxing on the vehicles’ mechanics. The difficulty lies now in the sandy areas, where we strive for a balance between mechanics, speed and fun, generating a slightly faster driving sensation.

Right from the start there will be a 5-kilometre stretch along the Ras el Ma beach, in Saïdia, a great new fun start for the Maroc, in which all categories can share the same itinerary given that the sand is relatively hard. It will be a memorable start. From there we will cross the Rekkam Plateau to end up at the Matarka camp, which this time will be at the end of the first day.

The third stage, between Erfoud and Zagora, also follows fast tracks and runs through new areas, crossing mainly further north, through Fezzou. It will be both tough and quite long. The Zagora loop, which will be tackled the following day, has also been completely revamped. It will start in Mhamid and pass through Foum Zguid after crossing the Sacred Oasis and Lake Iriki, with different routes according to each category.

C3 and C4 drivers beware, as you will enter sandy areas for the first time during this stage.

There will be many renovated, fast tracks along the route, but the sand and dunes areas will be a constant, since, as is traditional, Erg Chebbi will dominate the third stage and the Ouzina dunes the fifth for the Raid category. The stage between Zagora and Erfoud will also be more exciting for participants as we will pass through the Lost City and follow some tracks that offer us spectacular views of the phosphorus, hematite and limonite mines in the vicinity of Taouz.

The sixth stage will start in Erfoud and end at the foot of Erg Chebbi. It will be linear and, although it may be short, it will not be easy. Teams will have to tread carefully because it could generate many surprises, since there will be no track and only a few waypoints that the participants will have to “step on” in their search for the best and fastest way to reach the finishing line.