The fifteenth edition of the Maroc Challenge, which will be held from November 30th to December 8th, departing from Midelt and arriving in Saïdia, is gearing up to be one of the most interesting routes the event has ever seen. With an unprecedented itinerary and great doses of adventure, there will be no shortage of ingredients so that all those who face the challenge will live an unforgettable week and those who don’t will want to sign up for the next one.

For the last few editions, with the aim of everyone enjoying the Maroc Challenge to the fullest, the routes have been adapted to the different categories. In the next edition – and with the intention of incorporating it in future editions – each stage’s itinerary will be specifically designed taking into account the characteristics of the vehicles.

Rui Cabaço, organizer of the Maroc, emphasizes in this regard that: “we want the participants to get the most out of their vehicles. Ocasionally we have thought that some route either fell short of possibilities or was too difficult according to the category and we understand that the best way for each team to enjoy the experience is to adapt it to their means “.

And how are the routes going to be adapted? The basis will remain the same, since all vehicles will be sharing the same track. However, small detours or parallel routes will be made in some specific areas.


Adventure C1 (4 × 2 cars up to 1300 cm3) and Adventure C3 (4 × 4 vehicles up to 1300 cm3)

The difficulty of these categories, which include cars like Renault 4, Seat Marbella, Peugeot 205, etc, will be lowered… Routes traversing the big sand rivers will be reduced and in stages where the route is further than 280 kilometers a short cut by road will be made at the beginning or at the end of the stage. These are obviously the slowest vehicles and have the least power.

Adventure TT1, TT2 and TT3 (SUVs)

This edition will see the level of adventure in these categories greatly increased. Until now they shared the same route with 4×2 vehicles, a circumstance that sometimes limited the passage for cars through some of the most complicated areas, feasible for SUVs. From the Winter Edition 2018 the stretches of sand, rows of dunes and off-piste areas will be increased in these categories, which will allow you to enjoy the Maroc adventure in all its splendor.

Raid TT1, TT2 and TT3 (SUVs)

The difficulty in the most complicated category of the Maroc, aimed at experts, those who already have accumulated experience in the event, will increase. The sand will be even more prevalent than in previous editions. The crossings and mileage will be increased inside the main Ergs, par for the course in the main Raid category, but now including more technical and complicated off-piste zones.

The C2 and C4 Adventure and C2 and C4 Raid categories will stick to the same philosophy and level of difficulty.