Dear friends, adventure seekers and lovers of the Moroccan desert and culture, it has been almost a year since the pandemic struck and we are all increasingly anxious to regain our freedom, to be able to move around as we wish and ultimately to live a normal life again. We are not oblivious to all this and we assure you that we are working hard preparing for a new edition of the Maroc Challenge.

Our priority objective is organizing the Spring Edition 2021, scheduled for May 28 to June 5, and we have not stopped pushing ahead despite the logical restrictions and limitations that we encounter. We are patiently following the pandemic’s development  while working hard in order that the event may take place should the necessary conditions be met.

Once we had designed the route, which for the first time will begin and end in Saïdia, on the Mediterranean coast, less than a hundred kilometers from Nador, we dedicated a lot of effort and time improving the Maroc Challenge in general and certain specific protocols to enhance the experience for all participants. Many novelties await us when we are finally able to return to Morocco.

Rui Cabaco, the Maroc Challenge BriefingMan, is optimistic and states that “we hope that the pandemic will continue to wind down and allow us to achieve our objectives. Both our participants and our collaborators in Morocco, as well as the entire Maroc team, are looking forward to the Spring 2021. The current situation in Morocco is quite calm, vaccination continues at a good pace, with more than two million people already vaccinated, a higher figure even than that of Spain, where the pandemic is also slowly being brought under control”.

The entire Maroc Challenge team remains hopeful that the Spring 2021 will be a success. As in previous postponed editions, we will be as patient as possible before taking any final decision.

We hope to see you very soon, healthy and raring to go for a brand new Moroccan adventure.